Hello, Dolly!

I was the youngest-ever lighting designer selected for the Dolphin Show. In 2019, we produced "Hello, Dolly!"



Produced in 2019, Hello, Dolly! follows Dolly Levi through New York as she gets up to antics in the pursuit of marriage. The design motif of this production was centered around the parade Dolly manages to lead in procession. The goal of my lighting design was to support the division between the imagined and the real.

about the dolphin show

The Dolphin Show is the largest student-produced musical in the United States. Each year, a team of producers come together to recruit the best designers at Northwestern University to create a main-stage production. 

I was selected as the youngest-ever lighting designer for Hello, Dolly!, beating out seniors as a second-year designer. This process taught me so much about design communication, working with an established team, and modifying one’s expectations to fit reality.

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