Der Rosenkavalier


Der Rosenkavalier (“The Knight of the Rose”) has some of the most sublime music ever written. This comic opera by Richard Strauss and the poet Hugo von Hofmannsthal is suffused with the gaiety of Vienna during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa with its  sparkling waltzes but also the spirit and grace of Mozart.


My lighting design was inspired by Renaissance portraiture. I sought to evoke Caravaggio through dynamic light and shadow. This was essential for establishing time and place in a three-act opera with multiple settings.


This production took place in McIntyre Hall on the campus of Skagit Valley Community College.



Julius Caesar



Julius Caesar was produced in Evanston as a part of the 2019–2020 Main-Stage Season. The design concept for this production highlighted the richness of textual performance by emphasizing subtle design choices. The set, lights, and costumes all served to emphasize, rather than overpower, the work done by performers.

about the Wirtz Center

The Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts is the professional theatre attached to Northwestern University’s Theatre Department. Productions are cast from the pool of performers and designed by the pool of MFA (Master of Fine Arts) students in Costumes, Lighting, and Set Design.

I was given the opportunity to assist the Lighting Designer, Gabrielle Strong.



XANADU is a musical comedy based off of the 1980’s film with the same title. This production sought to transport audience members to Venice Beach, CA. My designs were inspired by neon, color-blocking, and clashing textures.

Hello, Dolly!


Produced in 2019, Hello, Dolly! follows Dolly Levi through New York as she gets up to antics in the pursuit of marriage. The design motif of this production was centered around the parade Dolly manages to lead in procession. The goal of my lighting design was to support the division between the imagined and the real.

about the dolphin show

The Dolphin Show is the largest student-produced musical in the United States. Each year, a team of producers come together to recruit the best designers at Northwestern University to create a main-stage production. 

I was selected as the youngest-ever lighting designer for Hello, Dolly!, beating out seniors as a second-year designer. This process taught me so much about design communication, working with an established team, and modifying one’s expectations to fit reality.

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